10-Point Strategy Guide to Small Business Website Design and Internet Marketing is a ten part Blog series by Founder and Owner of WebWize, Inc., Glenn Brooks.

Glenn has been part of the website design and development industry since 1994, over two decades.  Before WebWize he spent more than 15 years in the Advertising, Marketing, and Print Industries.  Don't miss this opportunity!

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10 Strategies to Small Business Website Design and Internet Marketing

As recently as a decade ago, you could get away with having a small business website that was little more than an online brochure.  In fact, it wasn’t all that uncommon to come across local shops and retailers who still didn’t have any web presence at all.  While some forward-looking owners and executives were embracing search engine optimization and email;  many saw these techniques to be in a separate category from mainstream marketing.

In the years since, however, the internet has gone from being a new way to generate business to affecting virtually every part of our commercial (and personal) lives.  Dial-up and DSL have given way to broadband and the mobile web. Tens of millions of Americans carry around high-speed web connections in their pockets.  Most buyers are as likely to get advice from Facebook or Yelp as they are to phone a friend.

Looking back at the growth of online marketing this way makes it easy to understand why so many business owners feel as if they were living within a blur.  Every few months it’s something new: a change to Google search algorithms, a new way to interact with mobile phone users, a tweak on email newsletters, or the invention of a whole new topic like UX (user experience).

Website strategy - be the leader in your industry

As all of this takes place, businesses are getting ahead of their competitors, and others that are falling behind. The ones at the front of the pack are gaining ground continuously.  They are enjoying prime search engine visibility, a strong social media following, and the sales advantages that come with having dozens of positive reviews spread around the web.  Many of their competitors, meanwhile, are wondering how they manage it.

The short answer is that they either make a point of keeping up with the latest trends and best practices or work with web design partners who can do it for them.  That way, they can make lots of small adjustments that help them get ahead and stay ahead.  Rather than trying to do everything at once, they only follow a few core strategies that lead them to new customers week after week.

Whether you already have a strong web presence and just want to continue moving in the right direction or find yourself needing to stop holding on to old ideas about online marketing and catch up with your colleagues, this is a book that can help your business grow.

As we move into 2017, the online marketing industry is still reeling from some recent changes.  And, we are poised for exciting and tumultuous few years ahead.  In the coming months, we are going to find out which companies can adapt to what works on the web today, and which ones are going to face the digital world with outdated strategies.

In this WebWize Blog Series, I’m going to share a 10-point strategy guide to finding success in small business web design and online marketing.  The information I’m going to provide comes from 23 plus years of real-world web design experience, industry perspective, and a look into the near future.  I’m not just going to show you what works, but also how you can take advantage of proven and affordable techniques to improve your bottom line.

The internet has changed our lives and transformed the way we do business.  Those changes are going to keep coming in 2017 and beyond. If you’re ready to make the most of the opportunities that are going to come your way this year, then let’s get started.

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Glenn Brooks is the founder of WebWize, Inc. WebWize has provided web design, development, hosting, SEO and email services since 1994. Glenn graduated from SWTSU with a degree in Commercial Art and worked in the advertising, marketing, and printing industries for 18 years before starting WebWize.