Why Choose WebWize?

Our experience, expertise and customer service are unsurpassed. Almost a quarter century of web design allows us to claim the title of Houston’s oldest website design company.  We must be doing something right.

We believe there are few if any web design and development companies today that provide the experience, options and customer service we provide.

WebWize began operating in 1994. While other companies attempted to offer website design, hosting, Internet connectivity, IT repairs, etc., we concentrated on one area, Website Design, Hosting and Email.

We do today, as we did back then, work tirelessly to be the best in our field offering businesses great products and services at a fair price.

Although we have expanded our services into search engine marketing (SEO), photography, and video services, web design, hosting and email remains our primary business today.  We will not spread ourselves too thin at our customer’s expense.

WebWize President and Founder, Glenn Brooks, learned from his father if you respect your clients, provide unrivaled customer support, offer great products as a fair price, your customer retention will far exceed your competition. Today, this philosophical principle is a guiding influence at WebWize and is the single most important reason WebWize has remained in business almost a quarter of a century.

Unfortunately, there may be those occasions’ buyers and sellers are simply not the best fit for one another.  If we believe we cannot provide you with the products or services at the level you deserve, we will tell you so.  Likewise, if we know we can provide you with the product and service you need, we will work hard every day to meet and exceed your expectations.  No web design and hosting company work harder for our clients than we do.


Website Scope Document - Why to Build One

How Much does a Website Cost? How to get Started!

Probably the top question we face in our business is: “How much will a new website cost me?”   As you might imagine, there isn’t an easy or consistent answer to be had.  The size of the business, the features needed for the website, UX design level, copywriting...
Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

In all my years of working with web design, advertising, and internet marketing, I have yet to come across the perfect layout, strategy, or sales funnel.  Some have been very good, and have worked out magnificently; others had gotten off to a shaky start before...
Cultivate and Grow your Online Business reputation

Strategy #9: Cultivate and Grow Your Online Reputation

To a lot of business owners, “online reputation management” is a set of buzzwords that don’t have a lot of real-life meaning. What they don’t realize is that this phrase is a way of describing the way word-of-mouth advertising has moved into the digital age. It’s the...

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Leave the WordPress, Web Design, Hosting, SEO and Email to WebWize.

You concentrate on what makes you money, Your Business!

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