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Many web design companies simply build your website, slap it on the cheapest server-farm available and BAM, they are DONE!  To them, your web design project is a one-off, one-and-done transaction. We call this churn-and-burn web design.

It’s difficult to comprehend this brittle business model. The web is a fluid medium constantly growing. Accordingly, clients require website updates, redesigns, functions built, etc. Clients require their web design company be available today, tomorrow and next year.

Leave the web design, hosting, SEO and email to us, you concentrate on what makes you money, your business!

Websites come in many shapes, sizes, and required functionality; indivdually having their own needs and requirements

Defining long and short-term goals, developing a scope document, saves you time and money in the long run. Defining your project will provide you the best opportunity to receive an accurate quotation.

First, determine what’s your long-term objective of your website.

Websites essentially have 2 classifications, sales generation or informational. What are your short and long-term objectives?

Your long-term objective is critical to minimize re-coding.

  • If the site’s objective is sales generation, SEO (search engine optimization) will most likely be necessary. We have to keep SEO in mind when constructing the website and site content. On-page SEO is highly influential for long-term success. If the site’s objective is informational, future SEO would not require the monetary expenditures of a sales site.
  • The second item is content management. Will you require the ability to edit the site yourself long-term?
  • Finally, do you intend to offer products for sale through a shopping cart system?

Once your objectives and goals are understood, we can propose the best solution for your needs.

Determine your website goals

Once we know your short and long term objectives, we can determine the solution that best fits your company needs.

If you would like to take advantage of our Free Consultation, give us a call at 713-682-7111

WordPress Services

Originating as an open-source blogging platform, WordPress though its community of developers, has advanced into a feature-rich option for businesses and web designers alike. Out of the box, WordPress has complete content management ( CMS ). It can be expanded for memberships, eCommerce, product databases, newsletter marketing and more. An endless set of modules and plugins are available for additional functionality. Websites that used to take 10s of thousands of dollars to develop can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost. But with this large community of developers come security risks. Take care to select your web design team and hosting when it comes to WordPress.


Custom Web Design & Development

In the beginning, all web design was custom, handwritten coding. Over the years pre-written, CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla have entered the market. They have a substantial market-share and can reduce cost in some instances.

Although platforms such as WordPress are a great option that even we use, there is still times it is not the best solution for clients. Approximately 50% of our business are custom design projects still today.

And again, we handle hosting for both WordPress and custom written sites. We never put your site on a server-farm.

Coldfusion Website Application Development

Coldfusion is a web based programming language from Adobe. It is used in conjunction with your website HTML coding to enhance and add functionality. For example, maybe you have a product database with 100,000 products or 200 properties you are needing to list on your real estate website. You certainly do not want to enter all those products and properties one at a time into your WordPress site. Coldfusion provides developers with a method to ingest, display and maintain this data on you web site. There is much more Coldfusion offers than we can describe here. CF allows us to create enterprise-level website applications.

We have over 18 years of Coldfusion experience, have written over 200 CF apps, and provide Coldfusion Hosting.



eCommerce Website Solutions

eCommerce, considered by many programmers the Holy Grail of website development, has so many moving parts, it is not uncommon to hear of experienced developers struggling with eCommerce sites. An online store front requires just about every website feature imaginable. CMS, Product Database, Product Options, Image Management, Order Tracking, Customer Accounts, Merchant Accounts, SSL certificates for credit card processing, API ties for Shipping and Tracking, and of course training.

WebWize has nearly 2 decades of experience in eCommerce. Whether it pertains to WordPress packages such as WooCommerce, hosting solution such as Shopify or a custom design ordering system we have the experience and expertise in eCommerce.

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