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Business level hosting for WordPress is vital for many reason, scroll down to learn why.
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WordPress is a robust business platform, and for companies depending on their web site, nothing could be more important than the hosting side of WordPress.

As you are already aware, we began WebWize in 1994.  Since our inception, we have owned and operated web servers.  As we started developing WordPress sites, we quickly determined through our research there were no advantages to owning and maintaining WordPress servers, in fact, just the opposite became evident.  During the research, it was obvious the best option for our clients’ WordPress hosting was right here in the Lone Star State, WPEngine.

WPEngine does one thing, they host WordPress.

WPEngine is our WordPress hosting partner, and from the time we started hosting with them, we have never looked back.  As website developers, we deal with hosting on a daily basis.  Subsequently, we feel the good, the bad and the ugly of poorly run hosting companies immediately.  Not once, have we had an issue or question that WPEngine could solve or answer, and solve it within just minutes.

Our website is WordPress, we use WPEngine.  You could not pay us enough to move our site or our clients’ sites off WPEngine.


As we began working with WPEngine, we quickly advanced into their AGENCY classification with a dedicated WebWize server.  It had taken no time before we experienced first hand why WPEngine is a 3X STEVIE AWARD WINNER for customer support. But there are some hidden gems that clients never see that save them money in the long run and enhance their Google rankings.

Content Delivery Network

Staging Server

Daily Security Scans


AUTO WordPress Updates

Page Performance

Content Performance

Award Winning Support



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We believe few Houston website design companies provide the experience, options and customer service we offer.

WebWize began operating in 1994. While other companies attempted to provide website design, hosting, Internet connectivity, IT repairs, etc., we concentrated in one area, Web Services: Website Design, Hosting and Email.

We do today as we did back then, strive to be the best in our field offering great business products and services at a fair price, all with unsurpassed customer service.


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