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Web design can encompass many services, below are those additional services we can provide.

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With over 40 years in the advertising and marketing industries, WebWize brings a wide array of experience when creating the complete website your business deserves.

Initially, most people do not take into account everything required to complete a new design or even to have an update to an existing web design project completed.   Do you need someone to handle the Copywriting? Or take new photos? Create a business video? How about general training of your staff on the WordPress content management system?

This is where we rise above our competition.  We offer a complete suite of web services.  See below for more information.



Probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks, when planning and developing a website, is creating the content or text on the pages.

Not everyone is a copywriter, not everyone can find the time.  In addition, if your business is relying on search engine traffic to account for a substantial amount of traffic, then you need to understand how to write for search engines all the while writing your content so as to be coherent to humans — this is a learned skill.

WebWize has copywriters available to help you with this part of the content development process.

WebWize Copy writing and Copywriter services

WordPress Training

WebWize WordPress Training
The built-in Content Management System (CMS) within WordPress is the single greatest feature that has given rise to WordPress becoming the #1 website platform. Once your developer has created your website in WordPress, wouldn’t it be nice to understand how you yourself can make those changes to your website?

Here at WebWize, we believe that clients should understand how to make those basic changes that every company requires without calling us every single time a change is needed.  WebWize will train your staff in the WordPress Dashboard and Divi Builder.

We even offer ongoing packages for those times personnel responsibilities change within the company or with new hires.



There is one thing that is for sure; great photography will bring your website to life and leave potential clients with the impression you take the time to do things RIGHT!

At the same time, amateur photography can ruin the website you just spend thousands of dollars building. 

Glenn Brooks, the owner of WebWize has over 40 years of experience in the Advertising and Marketing industries, and one of his strongest assets is his expertise in photography.

Give Glenn a call at 713-682-7111, let him show you what professional photography can do for your business and that first impression your website leaves with potential clients.


WebWize Photography Services


WebWize Videography and Video services

Video is the hottest website feature going these days.  We all know the popularity of Youtube, there is a reason, VIDEO works!   Humans are notoriously lazy; if a customer can watch a video instead of reading, they will.  So why not create a video for your services or a new product? It only makes marketing sense.

There are so many reasons to add video to your web presence and your marketing materials.

WebWize provides professional production and post-production video services. Both on the land and in the air.  Are you in need of aerial footage of your facility or a sales video describing your new product?  Video is a solution you should entertain.

Give us a call at 713-682-7111.



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