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28+ Years of Website Design

Since 1994 WebWize has been Houston’s provider of web design, web-hosting, email, and SEO services.  Built on customer service first and foremost, WebWize has withstood the test of time, proudly becoming the longest-running full-service website design and hosting company in Houston Texas and the Lone Star State.



WebWize provides a complete range of web services.

web designer near me or website designer near me — WebWize, in Houston

Web Site Design

Turnkey web design projects in Houston, along with WordPress development and web update services.

Web Site Hosting

Website & email hosting services bring Business level choices to clients requiring fast, secure, stable, hosting.

Email Services

Businesses require email access at the office and on the road. WebWize Email Services will meet your needs.

Technical SEO

Not to date ourselves, but we began providing SEO services before most our competition left their strollers.

Web Site Copy Writing

When the single most important aspect of a website is the hardest to produce; WebWize has your back!

WordPress Training

After your site goes live, WebWize is here to assist clients with training for successful website updating.


As the single most influential visual on a website, WebWize provides complete photography services.


From interviews to drone video options, we offer a full suite of video services for your web presence.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We believe once your initial website development is completed, you deserve the opportunity to learn the basic understanding of how to perform general updates to your website if you so desire.   We offer WordPress and Divi training packages to our WordPress clients so you won’t have to pay for every little website update; potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year!  If you prefer WebWize handle some or all website updates, those services are available also.

Shield Business from Corona Virus Slump

If you’ve even glanced at the news lately, you are undoubtedly aware that the coronavirus is spreading throughout the globe and causing havoc on the economy. Stocks are down, meetings are being cancelled, and business owners are trying to figure out what’s next. While we aren’t in the business of providing medical advice, we can tell you what the next logical step is for your marketing plan: upgrade your website. Whether the current outbreak turns out to be severe or is quickly contained, it’s clear that the disruptions to travel, supply chains, and live events are going to be real.

We think you should have the  best WordPress theme, plugins and hosting.

With the WebWize WordPress Theme and Plugin package, our clients save upwards of $1200 a year in WordPress theme and plugin licensing fees.  Click the button below for all the details.


12 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

12 Ways You Make Money From a New Website

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Local SEO Website Domination in 2019: Tips 1-3

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Website Scope Document - Why to Build One

How Much does a Website Cost? How to get Started!

Probably the top question we face in our business is: “How much will a new website cost me?”   As you might imagine, there isn’t an easy or consistent answer to be had.  The size of the business, the features needed for the website, UX design level, copywriting...
Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

In all my years of working with web design, advertising, and internet marketing, I have yet to come across the perfect layout, strategy, or sales funnel.  Some have been very good, and have worked out magnificently; others had gotten off to a shaky start before...

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