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Since 1994 WebWize has been providing web design, hosting, email, and SEO.  Built on customer service first and foremost, WebWize has stood the test of time, proudly becoming Houston Texas’ oldest full-service web site design and hosting company.

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Before you commit to another web designer or web design firm to design or redesign your WordPress website, check out our WordPress Theme and Plugin Package; it can save you hundreds if not a thousand dollars a year in WordPress licenses!

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Web Site Design

Turnkey Houston website design projects, WordPress development, and website updating services.

Web Site Hosting

WebWize website & email hosting services bring Business level choices to clients requiring fast, secure, stable, hosting.

Email Services

Businesses require email access at the office and on the road. WebWize Email Services will meet your needs.

Technical SEO

Not to date ourselves, but we began providing SEO services before most our competition left their strollers.

Web Site Copy Writing

When the single most important aspect of a website is the hardest to produce; WebWize has your back!

WordPress Training

After your site goes live, WebWize is here to assist clients with training for successful website updating.


Photography is the single most valuable visual on a website.  We provide both production and post-production services.


From interviews to drone video options, we offer a full line of video services for your business and web presence.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We believe once your initial website development is completed, you deserve the opportunity to learn the basic understanding of how to perform general updates to your website if you so desire.   We offer WordPress and Divi training packages to our WordPress clients so you won’t have to pay for every little website update; potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year!  If you prefer WebWize handle some or all website updates, those services are available also.

Why Most Business SEO Campaigns Fail

Most small businesses have had search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in place at some point. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those campaigns fail. In fact, many won’t even get off the ground before they have been abandoned. This is something we have seen hundreds of times during our 24 years in the web design and online marketing business. It’s a cycle that seems to repeat itself again and again.  Click to Read Our Latest Article:  Why Most Small Business Search Engine Optimization Campaigns Fail

We Believe You Should Have the Best WordPress Theme, Plugins & Hosting.

With the WebWize WordPress Theme and Plugin package, our clients save upwards of $1200 a year in WordPress theme and plugin licensing fees.  Click the button below for all the details.


10 Strategies for Small Business Websites in 2017

10-Point Strategy Guide for Small Business Websites

10-Point Strategy Guide to Small Business Website Design and Internet Marketing is a ten part Blog series by Founder and Owner of WebWize, Inc., Glenn Brooks. Glenn has been part of the website design and development industry since 1994, over two decades.  Before...
Define the purpose of your website

Website Strategy #1: Give Your Website a Job

If I could fill a room with hundreds of business owners or marketing executives, and ask them how many thought a company needed a good website, nearly every hand would go up. But if I asked a simple follow-up question – “Why?” – probably fewer than half could give a...
Website performance and User Interface imortance

Website Strategy #2: Emphasize Website Performance and UX

As a rule of thumb, your average business owner is going to pay a lot more attention to the way their website looks than they do its actual performance. They’ll obsess over layouts, graphics, and colors, but don’t devote a lot of mental space to how quickly their...
WebWize Strategy #3 - Website design and the Sales Funnel

Website Strategy #3: Build a Sales Funnel for Growth

Most business websites are to be just websites; they have a nice look, and a little bit of content, but don’t benefit the companies that measurably own them. That’s not good enough anymore. In 2017, your website is likely to be the first thing that anyone...
SEO for 2017 - what you need to know

Website Strategy #4: The New Age of Search Engine Optimization

Ever since the first handful of marketers figured out that you could bring hundreds or thousands of customers to a website every day by mastering search engine optimization (SEO), businesses have been looking for new ways to improve their visibility on...
Make Your PPC Campaigns as Efficient as Possible

Website Strategy #5: Make Your PPC Campaigns Efficient

In contrast to Google’s algorithm, which is undergoing huge changes that are affecting SEO in unexpected ways, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) remains fairly consistent. You choose an audience, write a set of ads, and decide how much you’re willing to pay...
Website Strategy #6: Use Social Media Productively

Website Strategy #6: Use Social Media Productively

Just about every business owner and executive in the world uses social media. But I would say that a small minority uses social platforms productively. That’s because some aren’t bothering to market their businesses through social media at all, and a lot...
Website Strategy 7 Integrate Videos into Your WebSite

Website Strategy #7: Integrate Video Into Your Internet Marketing

Few trends have been as transformative over the past few years as the rise of online marketing videos. And yet, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses are missing out either because they don’t understand why video is so important or mistakenly think it costs a lot...

Website Strategy #8: Revitalize Your Email Marketing

It’s a little ironic, in a world where search engines can learn and social media is transforming communication, to say that an “old” technology like email can be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing channel around. But, facts are facts. While email...
Cultivate and Grow your Online Business reputation

Strategy #9: Cultivate and Grow Your Online Reputation

To a lot of business owners, “online reputation management” is a set of buzzwords that don’t have a lot of real-life meaning. What they don’t realize is that this phrase is a way of describing the way word-of-mouth advertising has moved into the digital age. It’s the...
Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

Strategy #10: Refine and Improve Your Sales Funnel

In all my years of working with web design, advertising, and internet marketing, I have yet to come across the perfect layout, strategy, or sales funnel.  Some have been very good, and have worked out magnificently; others had gotten off to a shaky start before...


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