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'Content is King' for Great SEO - Planning and Patience is Your Friend!
Since 1994, we have been assisting clients with search engine listings. The techniques used today to list websites on search engines are wildly different from techniques we used on engines like Lycos, Excite and Altavista. Web companies using outdated or “Black-Hat SEO” techniques can land your web site in no-man’s land. That graveyard is a deep and expensive hole to be removed from.


Back in the ‘Old-Days’ we could simply include a company’s targeted keyword phrases in title tags, meta-tags and text within the web pages. Today’s algorithms used by search engines such as Google considers much more when ranking sites above or below each other.

WebWize Search Engine Optimization

These days there are organic search results, pay-per-click results, local search results, social networking influence, webmaster tool accounts, Google Analytics, it goes on and on.

Your website’s content (text on pages) drives your initial categorical placement within Google’s index as well as other search engines. So without a proper keyword analysis performed and used to build the content within your website, you are already behind your competition.

Just a few years ago, Back-links controlled 90% of your site’s ranking against your competitors. With the emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN, along with multiple Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, the SEO game has changed.

Content is King” is the one phrase that is used over and over when establishing great SEO campaigns.  Nothing serves you better than continually generating great content. This must be an ongoing process. SEO is a long methodical process, not a single SEO campaign and you are done.

Company Blogs, web pages with interesting content, authoritative back-links, ever-increasing Social Network presence, all add up to a consistent, ever increasing domain authority (DA) for your domain.

From the Keyword Analysis to Article writing, Local search to Organic placement, Social postings to citations. WebWize can provide you with complete SEO services.


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