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We provide full domain registration and maintenance services to our clients
All businesses should have their own unique domain name. For example, www.webwize.com is our web site address which includes the subdomain of www separated by a “dot” before webwize.com. All our email goes to an email address like info@webwize.com. Our domain name is webwize.com. The webwize.com domain name is our intellectual property and belongs to us alone and is unique to any other domain worldwide as long as we pay our annual fee for the domain.


Domain registration for web sitesWith the importance of a domain name, it is vital that your domain is registered under you or your company’s legal name when you first register it. Transferring a domain to another legal name is a real pain-in-the-you-know-what. Make sure your domain is registered correctly from the outset.

Many people allow web developers or other agencies to register their domain without verifying who will be the legal owner of the domain. WebWize never registers a domain name under our name. Your domain always belongs to you and only you.

We offer registration services to all of our clients. 90% of our clients request that we register and maintain the annual registration for their domain. However, if you prefer to handle your domain, we will oblige. We will be here if you need us.

Associated with domains are what is known as DNS records. DNS records are what direct users’ browsers and email software on the internet to your web site and email inbox. Domain DNS records are basically a routing record much like the telephone companies use to route phone calls to your business or residence.

Domain DNS records that are not setup properly can cause havoc with your email, your web site or anything else associated your domain name.

Nothing is as important as your domain name. Make sure it is setup and managed properly. WebWize can handle all your domain name services for you if you wish.


For a free Consultation, call WebWize at 713-682-7111


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We believe there are few if any web design companies today that provide the experience, options and customer service we offer.

WebWize began operating in 1994. While other companies attempted to provide website design, hosting, Internet connectivity, IT repairs, etc., we concentrated in one area, Web Services: Design, Hosting and Email.

We do today as we did back then, strive to be the best in our field offering great business products and services at a fair price, all with unsurpassed customer service.


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