In this tutorial we will show domain administrators the steps necessary to setup individual email accounts on the WebWize Email Server.


  1. Log-in to your domain administrator account by going to
  2. Once logged-in, click the lower left “Gears Icon.”
  3. Under “Domain settings, click on “Users.”
  4. In the right side window of the control panel a list of users for your domain will be displayed.
  5. At the top left above the users’ account list, click “New.”
  6. In the Username field enter the account’s username. For example, if you are creating an email address, the username would be “info”, not
  7. Then enter your password and verify the password.
  8. The “reply-to” address normally is left blank unless you want anyone replying to your email to reply back to another email address other than the email address for this account. This reply-to address is only active if you are sending email from the email control panel. If you are using Outlook or another email software, this reply-to address has no effect on the reply-to address used by Outlook.
  9. Select the user’s timezone.
  10. Enter a backup email address for the user of the account. This is necessary if the user forgets his or her password. From the log-in screen a user can use the lost password feature on the mail server. The backup email account will receive the password reset instructions.
  11. Enter a “Max mailbox size” of Zero (0). This will make the mailbox size limit unlimited.
  12. Click the ‘Save” button at the top left where the “New” button was located.

That is it! You have setup a new email address for your domain.




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