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We are often asked about privacy policies and if we have a template or something our customers can use to get started. We ran across a couple of privacy policy /terms of service generators online. Give them a test and see if they fit your needs.

We do not endorse any of these generators or expect them to be a privacy policy generator for all websites but they serve our purposes. Always consult your attorney concerning any legal documents before you post them on your web site especially if you are selling products and/or are required to have a terms of service and/or return policy. These type of documents should be created for your business specifically.

The privacy policy and TOS generators we mention here are to be used for basic sites only. We make no warranty of the sites and are in no way associated with the sites or their owners. We just felt these tool have a place for certain web sites.

If you decide to use it, be sure to read it carefully before posting to your site and customize it to fit your business model. But again, you should always have your attorney review documents that regard the sale of items or if you have any questions concerning posting documents on your web site.

Privacy Policy Generator

Ben Nadel’s Privacy Policy / Terms Of Service Generator

Terms Feed


Hope that helps you out.

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