Once your website is designed and developed, it is necessary to have it deployed to a web server through a Web Hosting Company. This is what allows a ‘Web Browser’ (visitor to your website) to access your company web site.

Hosting for your website can vary in price and is normally billed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. There are even free hosting options out on the Net. But as with most things in life, ‘You Get What You Pay For!‘ So when it comes to your website’s hosting, choose Wizely!

There is nothing worse than speaking to a potential client and telling them to check out your site for more information, and then it is not available! Many times this is your first and only impression you will have with a new or potential client. Chances are you paid several thousand dollars for your website, so why would you take a chance with it not being available to your clients due to the fact you tried to cut cost on the hosting?

Web Site Hosting fees vary from FREE to $50.00 a month for ‘Starter and Advanced Sites’. Read the fine print when choosing a lesser priced or free hosting company. Are there Bandwidth restrictions? Are you provided business level site statistics? Can your web host provide the latest in Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection? Are you provided user-level control panels for email and spam quarantine?

Hosting Companies must pay for their bandwidth usage. They also have server and software costs, as well as labor costs. So how could a hosting company stay in business offering free hosting? They cannot, they have to generate revenue.

WebWize, Inc. has been providing quality, reliable hosting since our doors opened in 1994. We run the latest Dell PowerEdge Web Servers. We do not cut corners on our web-servers. Make the WebWize decision for your website.

About Glenn Brooks

Glenn Brooks is the founder of WebWize, Inc. WebWize has provided web design, development, hosting, SEO and email services since 1994. Glenn graduated from SWTSU with a degree in Commercial Art and worked in the advertising, marketing, and printing industries for 18 years before starting WebWize.