ColdFusion Database Development & Application Services

For all your application needs, WebWize offers full Coldfusion programming and hosting solutions
ColdFusion is a web based programming language from Adobe that allows us to add engaging Rich Internet Applications, dynamic functions and database capabilities to your web site.


ColdFusion is part of the AdobeWebWize Coldfusion development company family of products and the only family of products that takes web development from design to deployment of the website. By selecting Adobe’s family of products, our clients as well as WebWize are positioned for the future.

Do you want the ability to add and edit your own products online? Maybe add properties to your real estate web site? ColdFusion gives us the ability to write database applications giving our clients’ these capabilities, called Content Management (CMS).

ColdFusion also provides us with the capability to perform dynamic tasks on web sites, such as adding a rotating top banner image, dynamic and conditional submission forms or displaying the current date and time in a particular format from a server-side function, not a client-side position. ColdFusion functions are almost endless.

Now those are some very basic examples. ColdFusion is much more powerful. ColdFusion is truly an enterprise solution for advanced web projects and applications. When your web site or web presence needs a powerful enterprise level solution, we have it here at WebWize, ColdFusion.

If you want to add interactivity to your web site or add content management functionality, Coldfusion is the proven, time tested tool.



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