5 Tips to Produce a Blockbuster Online Video on an Indie Budget

Every year when the major video awards come around, there are two types of films that captivate the public’s attention. The first are the major blockbusters featuring A-list stars. These are great movies, but they are expected to be so given the budgets, resources, and promotion behind them. The second group is comprised of the small and independent films that, against all odds, turned out to be masterpieces.

To look at this a different way, you could say that a handful of films breakthrough every year despite the fact they don’t have the big backing of major studios. The example they set can be instructive to small businesses who want to produce their own marketing videos and see big results – it’s not always about the size of your budget, particularly when you have a little bit of creativity on your side.

With that in mind, today we want to share with you a few pieces of advice you can use to produce a blockbuster online marketing video on a tiny, small business budget…

Use the Camera You Have

A lot of business owners will rush out to buy or rent a new camera when they decide to take up video marketing. However, the one you have in your phone or tablet is good enough to get started. In fact, the average mobile device has an optic sensor that would’ve been at home in a television studio a decade ago. So, save your money and use the camera that’s right in front of you.

Create a Quiet, Well-Lit Set

Creating great marketing video clips is all about preparation. That starts with the environment you’re going to shoot in. We can’t say enough about the importance of lighting and an absence of background noise. Without a few lights pointed directly your subject, your video could come out grainy. Background audio is distracting and makes your video seem like a low-quality production.

Invest in Good Audio

Speaking of audio, the challenge isn’t just to reduce distracting noises or hiss. You also want to be sure that you can be heard clearly by customers. For $100 or less, you can get a great USB microphone that will pick up your voice clearly while blocking out other sounds. That one small investment can make a huge difference in the quality of your finished audio.

Work From a Storyboard and Script

Unless you happen to have a lot of experience as an on-air talent, it’s best not to shoot from the cuff when shooting your marketing videos. Instead, work from a script, an iPad teleprompter, or set of cue cards to keep yourself on-message. That will give you more confidence, and will make your video seem more smooth and fluid.

About Glenn Brooks

Glenn Brooks is the founder of WebWize, Inc. WebWize has been providing web design, development, hosting, SEO and email services since 1994. Glenn graduated from SWTSU with a degree in Commercial Art and worked in the advertising, marketing and printing industries before starting WebWize.

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